Taiwan Law Makers do your duty to impeach 陳水扁 Be politicians you must be brave to do the heavy duty when the sign shows up. "G 永慶房屋wall.Mean.Down" must 東森房屋 do the enemy duty to help "Mean.Jean.Down" to d 台灣房屋o better; Impeach 陳水扁 not only can help your people from falling deeper, 看房子but also can help you save good members in your enemy "Mean.Jean.Down." , you need to know when your enemy run 新成屋 out of good remainings, you cannot have any bit of peace in your life time. Do not follow 陳水扁's low lower lowest to see your people&# 廬山住宿39;s righteous words like nothing, the same time you must do your duty, do not see 陳水扁's sucking words like nothing. You are Republic of China is an unshakabl 廬山飯店e fact. Because "TAiwan" is one of "Republic of China" provinces, just like Texas is one of "USA" States, if in any war or natural disaster, when USA has only Texas available to live, Texas i 廬山溫泉s still a State of USA. You got it? Impeach 陳水扁 immediately for the crime he sees Your Country Republic of China like nothing, what the crime 陳水扁 committed is a hell crime "不自愛 " suicide crime. He 花蓮旅遊 is the President of Republic of China, you must not see his "不自愛 " suicide crime like nothing.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 花蓮民宿  .

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